Custom-Made Blessing Book Gift

B:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book GiftB:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book Gift
Sample B:Book


How it all began

The B:Book was first envisioned by us, Anna Gatmon and Leon Segal, when preparing a rite of passage ceremony for our oldest son’s Bar-Mitzvah (13th birthday). We didn't want to go the traditional way, as we are not religious. We wanted to cerate our own ritual and bring meaning to the event. We also wanted to include people from around the world who couldn't make it to the celebration. So we came up with the idea of inviting friends and family from around the world to offer words of inspiration and wisdom for our son as a resource to draw upon in the course of his life. The contributions, caringly written, carefully collected, and then artistically fashioned and bound, became the first B:Book.

We realized that far beyond this beautiful end product, the process of creating the B:Book had sparked a profound experience of reflection and discovery for all participants.

When we asked our 13 year old son what it was like to read all these blessings directed personally to him, he responded: "I know I am loved." Pretty powerful, coming from a 13 year old.

Inspired by our own personal experience, we decided to make the B:Book gift experience available to all.

So What's a B:Book™?

A B:Book, or Blessing Book, is a unique and personal
luxury gift experience;
one that gives the word luxury a
whole new meaning… The B:Book celebrates what money
can't buy: Love, Friendship and Community.

The B:Book luxury gift experience rewards the giver almost as much as it touches and delights the recipient. The B:Book is a collection of blessings through words and images, memories and wishes, stories and smiles - all composed for one person by those who have touched upon his or her life. This luxury gift experience is created by friends, family or colleagues past and present who are invited to uncover hidden riches in their hearts, gifts of love and significance they may never have expressed before.

All these blessings, collected, complied and bound in an exquisite hand-made book (30X30cm/12.5X12.5inch), and custom-made to your choice of graphics and color schemes,
make up the B:Book.

Thanks to our team of experts, the entire process of making a B:Book becomes a luxury gift experience: You and the community of your choice get to participate in this exclusive gift experience, and the B:Book team gives you the luxury of full personal service – from the moment you step into our “shop” to the moment you hold a perfect, custom-made B:Book in your hand.


B:Book Stories

What do you give someone who is turning 75 and has it all?

I’ve always thought it a shame that people never get to hear the wonderful eulogies their family and friends give them at their funeral. So when our father was about to turn 75, we wanted to find a way for him to receive “eulogies” that he could enjoy in his lifetime, and keep referring to as he reflects back on his life, and carry in his heart in the years to come. The B:Book offered us such an opportunity.

We invited family and close friends, as well as significant colleagues from his impressive 50-year career, to participate. The B:Book team managed the entire process—from first invitations, through editing and design, to production and delivery of a gorgeous hand-made book—professionally, and with lots of heart.

This is what our father wrote us after receiving his B:Book:

“You could not think of a better or nicer gift. There is nothing of material value, like a gold watch or other expensive gift, that can replace the pleasure of my B:Book. This was an emotional experience of a great magnitude for me and I am grateful to you for it.”

Here is what one participant wrote in her blessing:

“In honor of your birthday, your wonderful, special family has given me a golden opportunity to tell you what we don’t usually say enough or don’t say at all – how much I love you.” I.M.


How do you honor a leader who has influenced the lives of many in your organization and community?

We created a B:Book experience for the Kabbalah Centre, an international non-profit organization that teaches Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism), and whose followers range from the rich and famous to the general public. The center wanted to capture the sentiments of gratitude and appreciation of their members towards their teachers, Rabbi Berg and his wife, Karen.

We proposed producing multiple copies of a hand-made B:Book that would include blessings and writings from the global community of members. One book would be handed to the Rabbi and Karen in Los Angeles, and copies would be on display in 16 centers around the world. We directed and produced the process, in which the Kabbalah Center chose 140 of the blessings, which we incorporated into 4 different products:

  • An exquisite B:Book that they handed their esteemed teachers as a gesture of gratitude;
  • Copies of the original B:Book which they put on display in each of their centers around the world;
  • Mini duplicates of the original B:Books which they sold to members of their organization at conferences and other community events;
  • A gorgeous website with all the blessings, which allowed all of their members to partake in this special event of honoring their teachers.


What if you love the B:Book concept but can’t afford the full, custom-made, luxury experience?

I happen to know Anna, the creator of the B:Book concept, and love her unique take on creating meaningful ritual adapted to our modern lifestyle. So when I wanted to give my parents a unique gift for their 40th anniversary, I decided to approach Anna for inspiration. I knew that creating a B:Book entailed a lot of time and work, from managing emails and blessings from around the world, through graphic work, to printing and binding by a book artist. This type of project was beyond my means, yet I loved the idea of giving my parents this unique gift. I asked Anna if she would be willing to guide me through her process, allow me to use the online technology that she offers her clients, and have me manage the participants and blessings so that I can create a B:Book that was “home made” and within my budget.

Anna responded positively, seeing it as an opportunity to create a prototype for making the B:Book process available to everyone. So we embarked on this exciting journey together. Anna coached me through all the steps of creating a B:Book. I had to do the actual work myself, but I was coached all along, and her guidance made the process delightful. It was a labor of love, and I enjoyed being creative.

The result was a one-of-a-kind book that I had made myself, and that my parents were grateful for receiving. I felt supported along the way by Anna’s exceptional capacity to open people’s hearts, combined with an essential attention to detail. I saved a lot of money taking on the production of the book, and feel blessed to have given my parents something that will be with them forever, and that has my fingerprints on it.

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