Custom-Made Blessing Book Gift

B:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book GiftB:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book Gift
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We manage the production of your custom-made B:Book™ which takes 8 to 10 weeks. 

What we do for you:

  • Formulate blessing guidelines unique to your B:Book;
  • Send out invitations to the community of people you choose to have participate;
  • Accompany participants during the writing of their blessing, if they require assistance or would like support;
  • Gather participants' blessings, proof read and format your unique gift with one of our elegant design selections;
  • Hand-bind your B:Book and ship it anywhere in the world.

What is left for you to do:

  • Contact us at to set up a free consultation concerning your B:Book;
  • Make the decision to create a B:Book;
  • Choose a beautiful design and cover fabric from an attractive selection;
  • Choose the community of family, friends and colleagues whom you wish to include in this unique gift experience;
  • Approve your final B:Book before printing and binding.

When you hold the end product in your hands, and then present this once-in-a-lifetime gift to the special person for whom it was created, you will feel the joy of a truly meaningful gift experience.



Full personal service of a custom-made B:Book: Starts at $2797
Prices vary depending on the number of participants and photos of your choice.

Call us for a free consultation regarding your special event.

Partial service, coaching and guidance to make your own Blessing Book: $597
You can benefit from our experience, expertise, and online technology.

Call us for a free consultation regarding your special event.

Giving Back to Earth

In order to give back to Earth for the use of trees in the making of B:Books, we support organizations working to conserve and rehabilitate the world’s forests. The B:Book donates 5% of its income per B:Book produced to the planting of trees and the conservation of forests around the world.

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