Custom-Made Blessing Book Gift

B:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book GiftB:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book Gift
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What would be a suitable occasion for a B:Book™?

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Weddings, Births, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, and also times of sorrow or major challenges… A B:Book™ can be a moving and inspiring gift for any significant occasion. It is the perfect way to say “Congratulations!” “Welcome!” or just simply “We care”, “We admire you”, or even “Goodbye”… And the possibilities are endless!

How long does it take to produce a B:Book?

From the moment we sign an agreement, to the moment you hold the finished product in your hand, the production of your B:Book takes 8-10 weeks. So, make sure you give yourself enough time to create your unique custom-made B:Book! To find out more about the process

Who can be part of a B:Book?

It’s up to you; anyone who has a meaningful relationship with the recipient can be part of your B:Book: family members, friends and colleagues. Together you make up the unique community that forms your B:Book.

What is the recommended number of participants?

You decide how many participants you would like to include in your B:Book. You can have as many or as few people as suits the occasion you are celebrating and the person for whom you are preparing a B:Book.

What kind of blessings go into a B:Book?

A B:Book may include participants’  thoughts, memories, quotes, poems and stories – all expressions of love, friendship and inspiration, wisdom and appreciation for the recipient. Participants are also invited to send in photos or artwork to enrich their blessing. While we do not use photographic paper, the recycled paper we use, which is more suited for texts, gives a soft and beautiful texture to the photographs, adding immeasurably to the atmosphere.

What do I do if I don’t have the skill to write a beautiful blessing?

You do not have to be a professional poet to write a B:Book blessing! This is your own personal blessing, offered directly from your heart, in your own personal words. It can be brief and simple. As long as it comes from your heart, it will surely enter the heart of the recipient! And if you still feel uncomfortable with your own phrasing, the B:Book team is always here to help you say exactly what you want to say, in the way you want to say it.

As my B:Book blessing is personal and intimate, how will you protect my privacy?

Your privacy is important to us! We do not disclose the names of clients, participants and recipients of any B:Book to anyone outside the private circle of participants. Consequently your identity will remain strictly confidential. We may, however, ask for your permission to use a quote from your heartfelt blessing – without in any way revealing your identity.

What does the B:Book price include?

When you pay for your B:Book, you pay for a complete luxury gift experience. The B:Book team accompanies you throughout the process, which takes 8-10 weeks, offering the full professional support required for a truly exquisite result. Creative and professional artists design and bind your B:Book and the final product is delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

How much does a B:Book cost?

For full personal service of a custom-made B:Book, prices range from $2497 to $4650 based on the number of participants and photos of your choice. You can pay in up to two installments: one at the initial contract, and one after you have approved the final PDF version of your B:Book and it is ready for printing and binding. Delivery cost to anywhere in the world is included in the price of a B:Book, so there is no extra delivery charge.

What if I want to use your unique process and expertise, but produce my own blessing book?

If you are inspired to produce your own blessing book, we will guide and support you throughout the production. You can use our process and online technology for only $597.

Can I purchase extra copies of the B:Book?

Additional copies of your B:Book may be ordered at the cost of $950 each. Please note, however, that once the gift has been given, the B:Book becomes the personal property of its recipient. Consequently, additional copies may only be purchased with his or her approval.

How do you give back to Earth for the unavoidable use of paper in the making of B:Books?

The B:Book donates 5% of its income per B:Book to the planting of trees and the conservation of forests around the world. In order to give back to Earth for the use of trees in the making of B:Books, we support organizations working to conserve and rehabilitate the world’s forests.

How do I start my B:Book?

Like all significant journeys, the creation of a B:Book begins with one easy step: just contact the B:Book Team at and tell us what you have in mind. The rest will follow…