Custom-Made Blessing Book Gift

B:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book GiftB:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book Gift
Sample B:Book

Gift Ideas for Blessing Occasions

A B:Book™ can be a moving and inspiring gift idea for any occasion. It is the perfect way to say “Congratulations!”, “Welcome!”, or just simply “We care”, “We admire you”, or even “Goodbye”…

Here are some of our gift ideas for a B:Book:


  • Your husband is turning 60.
  • Your best friend is getting married.
  • Your parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.


  • Your first grandchild has arrived.
  • Your daughter is celebrating her coming of age.

We care

  • A friend has been recently widowed.
  • Your father has undergone major surgery.

We admire you

  • Your son is graduating from college.
  • Members of your community have completed an outstanding community project.
  • Someone in your community has shown great courage.

Good bye

  • A close friend is moving away.
  • Someone in your place of work is retiring.
  • A valued community institution is closing down.

Since life is so rich with happenings and possibilities, we clearly couldn’t think of everything. So we gladly invite you to expand the potential of the B:Book even further, by adding your own special occasions and celebrations to the repertoire of B:Book gift ideas.

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"What great parents you have; what a genius idea for a Bar-Mitzvah gift, and what a gift they are giving us by the mere fact that we need to stop for a moment and think about what is really significant in our lives"

O. A. family friend for a Bar-Mitzvah B:Book

"My Mom received the blessing book early on Thanksgiving morning... it was a moving moment. Thanks again for helping me to create it for her."

S. S. ordered a B:Book for his mother