Anna Gatmon

Anna Gatmon, Ph.D., founder, holds a Doctoral degree in Transformative Learning and Change. She has 15 years of experience in group facilitation and individual counseling. Using her professional skills and profound human insight, Anna’s work with people takes place at the crossroad of education, psychology and spirituality. She is founder of Towards Wholeness, which focuses on practical ways of bringing Spirit into daily life; and, as part of home schooling her children, she started an elementary school based on wholistic education. In an earlier chapter of her life, she had a successful career as a fashion model in Europe. Anna is multi-cultural and fluent in English, French, Hebrew and Swedish.

Anna gives us the vision for the B:Book™ gift experience, and the discipline and heart with which to realize it.

“For me, each B:Book captures a sacred ceremony, a blessing circle that celebrates someone’s life through a profound gift experience. I feel blessed to be able to facilitate the process of people sharing that which is in their heart for each other.”

Leon Segal

Dr. Leon Segal, co-founder, is a cognitive psychologist with over two decades of experience in the psychology of innovation and creativity. The founder of LivingPatterns, which applies cognitive science to innovation processes in corporate organizations, he brings a deep understanding of human needs as the inspiration for creativity. Over the years, Leon has placed his powerful acumen at the service of many leading international enterprises, including 3M, AIG, BMW, IDEO, Israel Discount Bank, Medtronic, Microsoft, NASA, Palm and Steelcase.

Leon adds innovative spice to the B:Book team and contributes his creativity at key crossroads of the on-going process of creating a meaningful B:Book gift experience.

“Ultimately, all products tell a story: I love working on the B:Book, a product that gives people an opportunity to bring deep meaning into their life, and tells a story of gratitude, celebration, community, and love.”

Noel Canin

Noel Canin is a writer, editor and translator from Hebrew to English, as well as a writer's companion. As a writer’s companion she supports her clients' writing processes, enabling them to organize, clarify and articulate their thoughts in writing. She studied Literature & Linguistics at Ben Gurion University, Israel. In addition, Noel is a bodymind practitioner, a Reiki Master and certified Reiki teacher. In this capacity, she has worked with autistic children, mentally challenged children and people living with cancer, depression and addictions. She is currently training to be a Hakomi Therapist.

Noel is our principal project manager, accompanying clients throughout the production of their B:Books, in addition to being our editor and text masseuse.

"Being part of the B:Book team has opened up a different experience of team work. I feel blessed twofold – I am part of a team I’ve grown to love and respect, and we produce a meaningful gift experience that focuses on love, respect and appreciation between people and their communities.”

Anat Cohen is a professional organizer, founder of Pashut Mesudar, which specializes in developing systems for organizing homes and offices. Anat brings her expertise and presence to the process of helping her clients create new habits of order in their lives and workspace. Anat holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Tel Aviv University, Israel and, prior to establishing her own business, had an extensive career as manager in several leading software companies.

Anat uses her magic to bring organizational and financial order into the spiritual and emotional gift experience created by our company.

“After years of working in the high-tech environment, the supportive and respectful work atmosphere of the B:Book brings out the best in me, challenging me to stretch my abilities to new heights. For me, the work itself in a unique and meaningful experience! ”

Merav Tabakman

Merav Tabakman is a personal coach and consultant, and human resources professional. She has an innate love for helping people achieve their highest potential both through spiritual introspection and concrete goal setting. Merav holds a B.A. in Social Work from Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Merav is our administrative wizard and part of our creative team.

“I feel blessed working with such a diverse team on a very special product. Each member of the team contributes his or her uniqueness to the resulting B:Book gift experience.”

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"Trust yourself, your brain as well as your gut, and remember that all the advice in the world cannot equal the path your heart will chart for itself."

H. C. for the son of a close friend

"I wish you a life where the inner push of your spirit meets the outer pull of the world in perfect balance."

C. S. for his nephew’s Bar-Mitzvah